SMILE applies a number of tools for assessing State and Civil Society Organization partners. The assessment tools generate information to inform the development of appropriate performance plans that will address identified organizational and technical capacity gaps.

The adoption of the following tools was fundamental to the success of the intervention process on this program and further enhanced the quality of data and results achieved.

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Our electronic data collection tool is called the National OVC Management Information System (NOMIS), which was developed as a result of the growing number of VC’s being enrolled. NOMIS possesses the following features:

  • Web application design, using Java, can work offline and online
  • Possibility of use in more than 1 program area
  • Easy setup and maintenance, user-friendly data entry
  • Data validation rules to minimize data entry errors
  • Generates custom reports & service statistics, client lists and a dashboard of selected indicators
  • Export to Excel and other programs for further analysis
  • User/operator management with application-specific roles
  • In-built data quality analysis check


More about NOMIS:

  • There is available evidence to show that the use of electronic database  improves program implementation and data quality
  • It is acceptable, affordable and sustainable with minimal support services.
  • The Software is user-friendly and requires basic computer literacy to operate
  • The NOMIS is set to revolutionize OVC programming in Nigeria & create a database for effective monitoring of progress made in the improvement of Child welfare in Nigeria.

All the tools on the NOMIS mirror exactly the same information we see on the paper based tools. A typical data entry page looks like this:

Nomis interface