Edo Map

Edo State is situated in the mid-south west of Nigeria and covers 17,802 square kilometers. It was created out of former Bendel state in August 27, 1991 and home to several ethnicities. It is bounded on the north and the east by Kogi State, on the west by Ondo State and on the south by Delta State. The main towns in the state are Benin, capital of the ancient Benin kingdom which is also the state capital, Ubiaja, Auchi, Ekpoma and Uromi. The State is blessed with abundant natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas, clay chalk, marbles and limestone. Agriculture is the predominant occupation of people in this State. According to the 2006 national population, the total population for the state is 3, 218, 332 (1,640,461 male and 1,577,871 females) while 0-17 years population is 1,649,017 and vulnerable children population is 247,352.499 at 15% prevalence (FMWA&SD, 2008). From 349 households surveyed in 2007, the OVC situation shows that 1313 children lived in households (% male = 50, % female = 50%) with an average of 3.8 children per household, 40% of children are orphans while 73% of children were attending school (CRS, 2007). The Socioeconomic status of households’ surveyed shows that majority of households lack access to safe drinking water and so obtain drinking water from boreholes. (CRS, 2007).